The web is: more like water than television;
our ecosystem;
shared external memory;
a place where art meets puzzles.

The web is: made of ideas, not content;
our project;
misunderstood by most of us;
woven far deeper than we can imagine.

The web is: a common information space;
our target;
ready for our full potential;
a bizarre miracle of human cooperation.

The web is: a history and a heritage;
our myth;
still just some HTML;
total trash and we are raccoons.

The web is: a work of art;
our mess;
more than a mouse and keyboard;
an infinite library seeking librarians.

The web is: a simulation;
our path;
a home and a trap;
some software but not all software.

The web is: where we gather;
our soil;
meant for experiments;
the operating system for humankind.

The web is: an edifice built upon sand;
our lives;
a place to define a destiny;
almost ready, we just need to add one more page.